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In the Name of God, the Exalted


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Haj, Endowments and Charity Affairs Organization

Department of Haj, Endowments and Charity Affairs of Mazandaran Province  

Number: 3488    

Date: 17/3/1366 [7 June 1987]


Case reference:


Mr. Manouchehr Sanaie;


With reference to the letter dated 17/3/1366 [7 Jun1987], this is to inform you: 

Hojatoleslam Ghasemi, legal and religious custodian of this Foundation, in the letter number 1, dated 23/5/1366 [15October 1985], has declined your tenancy contract on the basis of  your affiliation with Bahaism, and this office is unable to enter into any contract with you without his prior approval.

Husein Gholizadeh

Head of Hajj, Endowments and Charity Affairs in Babol



[official stamp] Department of Haj, Endowment and Charity Affairs

 Department of Haj, Endowments and Charity Affairs of Babol