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Number: 22608/1

Date: 6/11/1361 [26 January 1983]

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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education, Regional Area - Doroud


In the Name of God

The Honourable Director of the Department of Education - Doroud

It appears that a family by the name of Mobasher lives in this district, and that their child studies at one of the Doroud Schools. I was in the presence of the imam when the child’s father came [to the imam]. He was adamant in holding to his corrupt beliefs and, although he presented himself as learned and knowledgeable, he was defeated in our discussions. However, the child’s presence is harmful in the classroom and he is not permitted to go to school unless he recants his faith. Please issue an order indicating that either he, together with his family, should attend the meeting [to defend himself] or the child will be expelled.

With thanks, Tabatabaei - Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran and Head of the State Prisons

A copy is forwarded to the authorities at Dehkhoda High School for their information. Given the reports of the assistant to the respected public prosecutor for Tehran in the presence of the imam, the student must be summoned [to present himself at a meeting to examine his case]. In the event he submits to the tenets of Prophet Mohammad and the pure ideology of Islam, he must be embraced and honoured; otherwise he should be expelled from the school. Under no circumstances should we allow Islamic schools to be invaded by other ideologies.

Sayyid Ali Asghar Habibi

Director of Education Department, Doroud

Copy: Hojat al Islam Mahmoudi - the imam of the Regional Area Doroud, for information

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