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Model: 7


Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts


Date: 30 Mizan [Mehr] 1300 [22 October 1921]

Enclosure: -----

Bureau: Public Education

Section: -----

Number 3579


Honourable Minister of the Interior

In response to your respected letter number (3887), I reverently remind Your Honour that in the matter of Vahdat-e Bashar School in Kashan— based on the government’s suggestion and the written directives on behalf of His Eminence, the Honourable Prime Minister, long live his glory—certain instructions were sent to the representatives of the Education Department of Kashan.

There have been no changes to the previous decisions. If any changes must be made, it is necessary that your honoured ministry, which is responsible for the preservation of dignity and public security, openly and clearly state its decisions regarding this matter so the education representative for Kashan can be instructed accordingly.


[Signature:] [Illegible] and [stamp] 


[Handwritten note:] Southern Bureau / 2 ’Aqrab [2 Aban 1300] [24 October 1921]