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Federation of Suppliers of

Automobile Spare Parts of Karaj

Registration number 20

In the Name of God

Date: 25 Khordad 1388 [15 June 2009]

Number: 250



To the Esteemed Director of the Association for Union Affairs, Mr. Sasani

Subject: Lack of Credibility [Exclusion] of the Bahaism sect


Respectfully, concerning letter number 1195, dated 4 Azar 1387 [24 November 2008], with regard to the application for a permit [by members of] the sect of Bahaism—who are not approved by the office of Amaken [Public Places Supervision Office]––and those [Baha’is] who are operating [in this field], so far the instructions in the said letter have not been properly executed by your respected association. Should the individuals [belonging to the said group] be still operating, appropriate instructions must be given to prevent their activities.

Head of Federation of Suppliers of Automobile Spare Parts

Ali-Akbar Ghasemzadeh