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The Mostazafin Foundation

City of Miandoab

Number: 439

Date: 24/11/1358 [13 February 1980]



In the Name of God


Central Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office


Respectfully, extensive investigations indicate that the Baha’i cemetery of Miandoab belonged to the Omana Company and was confiscated in accordance with order number 552, [date:] 16/8/1358 [7 November 1979], of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office.  However, the cemetery title shows that corpses have been buried there from thirty years ago onwards and the dates on the tombstones of the cemetery indicate that most of the dead were buried recently.  Therefore, demolition and exhumation of the bodies is not in conformity with Sharia principles.  Hence, we request your agreement that this foundation refrain from taking possession of the [Baha’i] cemetery so that the mentioned individuals can continue to bury their dead.  In any case, we request your directives as what to do, and we attach a copy of [their] request together with the letter of this foundation, which will be dispatched by the applicants.


The Mostazafin Foundation of Miandoab



[Official stamp]