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Ministry of Roads

The National Railways of Iran

Office ----, Region ----


Number ----

Date 134---- [196---]

Enclosure ----


Personnel Office of the National Railways of Iran

In response to letter number 93151 – 3/7/1344 [25 September 1965] and in reference to the recommendation of the Ministry of Roads and the enclosures in the employment file of Mr. Ataollah Moshtael-Oskoui, you are advised:

Since on rows 4 and 5 of the service tariff, [in which the employee is to specify his/her] nationality and religion, the words “Iranian and Islam” were written in a different handwriting, and are therefore  unacceptable.  Please provide a separate form on which nationality and religion are written in your own handwriting, explicitly as Islam, renouncing Baha’ism.  After certification by the proper authorities, change the service tariff, and submit it to this office along with the enclosures, so that necessary action can be taken.

Deputy of the National Retirement Department, Modarresi

Copy is communicated to Mr. Ataollah Moshtael-Oskoui for his information.

On behalf of the Head of the Employment Department, Shadrouz



[Handwritten note:]


20/9/[1344] [11 December 1965]