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The Ministry of Roads and Transport                


Mr. Ataollah Moshtael-Oskoui,

Your letter dated 19 Khordad 1344 [9 June 1965] was perused. According to the report from the Iranian National Railways, you retired as of 21 Dey 1342 [11 January 1964] at your own request, and an application for establishing a pension for you was prepared, with the reference number of 25031/27919, on 27 Esfand 1342 [17 March 1964]. It has been sent to the National Retirement Office. The validation of the above-mentioned application by that office has been conditioned upon the confirmation of procedures of promotion and increase of your wages, and the confirmation of the said procedures has not been possible owing to the obstacle present. Therefore, as long as you do not attempt to personally remove the obstacle, the Ministry of Roads and Transport and the Iranian National Railways are not able to take any further action.

The Minister of Roads and Transport



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