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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 27 Mordad 1344 [18 August 1965]

His Excellency, the Minister for Roads


With utmost respect, this is to inform you that:

[I] received the letter number 2251, dated 2 Mordad 1344 [24 July 1965] from your respected Ministry. Thank you so much for your attention and kindness, but for Your Excellency’s information, I wish to state the following:

Until 21 Dey 1342 [11 January 1964] when I personally applied for retirement, I was busy at the service and regularly received a monthly salary for performing my assigned duties and there was no hindrance from any officials, even from the National Retirement Office or the Personnel Office, to receiving my salary. Since the above date, I have only retired and have not committed any transgression or sin; God forbid, even if I have done so, I have not been and am no longer in government service and [have] no connection with government agencies; [this] can be investigated by public authorities.

In section 44 of the Public Services Employment Act, it is written that (any [civil] servant who, in accordance with section 43, applies for retirement or is retired, will have the right to receive a pension from the government, beginning from the day the salary for service is [no longer payable). Therefore, effective 21 Dey 1342 [11 January 1964], I am asking the government for my legal right and I am confident that these few words will reveal the entire matter in the presence of that honourable minister. My humble request is this that the government will not take away my legal right without [applying] the law; and especially that Your Excellency, who is responsible for enforcing the laws and safeguarding the salaries of the employees of this Ministry, will conscientiously and logically prevent any kind of injustice.


Yours Sincerely,

Ataollah Moshtael Oskoui