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Ministry of Roads and Transportation

[Date:] 9 Shahrivar 1344 [31 August 1965]

[Number:] 3095


Mr. Ataollah Moshtael Oskouei

Your letter dated 27 Mordad 1344 [18 August 1965] was noted. As it was mentioned in letter number 2251 - 2 Mordad 1344 [24 July 1965] that the Iranian National Railway had duly prepared a recommendation for the reinstatement of your pension and had sent it to the National Retirement Office, and because the mandates for your promotion and salary increase had not previously been approved by the Retirement Office, the approval of recommendations for the reinstatement of your pension was postponed pending the approval of the National Retirement Office, conditional upon the approval of the mentioned mandates by the appointed officer in the Personnel Office.

The appointed officer, due to a problem in your recruitment questionnaire, of which you are very well aware, has refrained from confirming the mandates; therefore, the reinstatement of your pension has been postponed. Therefore, you agree that you should personally take action to remove the reason [obstacle] in the questionnaire.

Minister for Roads and Transportation


2 Shahrivar [1344]