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[Adapted from website:] Defa Press

[Date:] 6 Farvardin 1396 [26 March 2017]


The Martyr Who Defeated Baha’ism in Shiraz

The martyred cleric, Sheikh Mohammad-Jafar Akhavan Rahimi, was one of the famous and devoted clerics of Yazd who did not give up fighting until the moment of his martyrdom and finally joined the meeting of God with some of his comrades due to the mortar shrapnel of Iraqi mercenaries…

He had lived in Bam since 1349 [1970], and in early 1350 [1971] he was arrested by the shah’s executioners in Bam. After his release, he went to Ebrahimabad and was engaged in guiding the people in the City of Ebrahimabad until early 1351 [1972]. In the beginning of 1352 [1973], he migrated to the City of Jowzam, [a city in the central district] of Shahr-e-Babak, and until the end of 1357 [1978], he was engaged in disseminating [information] and in guidance of the people, where he waged a continuous fight against the regime and the perverse Baha’i sect.

The Baha’i sect had a strange feeling of hate and enmity towards the martyr Akhavan Rahimi because this heretical sect could no longer operate in the region and divert the people from the path of truth.