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Decree of Imam Khomeini on Infidel



106. An infidel is a person who denies God, makes partner for God, or does not accept that Muhammad (salutations) is not a Messenger of God, and who is unclean. Also, if he doubts any of these or denies the religious precepts, such as obligatory prayer and fasting, that Muslims consider as part of their religion, if he knows that it is part of the religion and denies it, or denies God, monotheism, or prophethood, he is unclean. If he does not know, you should cautiously avoid him; although, it is not incumbent.

107. The entire body of an infidel, even his hair, nails, and body moistures [szc] are unclean.


Decree of Imam Khomeini on commanding others to do good, and prohibiting them of wrong doing

2792. If commanding others to do good, and prohibiting them of wrong doing is about something that is important to the holy Revealer, such as religious principles, protection of the Qur’an, protection of the Muslim beliefs, or essential laws, we must pay attention to it, and it should not be abandoned because of damage it may cause. [The next sentence is incomprehensible, but he is probably trying to say is that it is necessary to give our life and possessions to protect the Islamic principles and essential laws.]

2794. If silence will cause a prohibition to become good, or good become a prohibition, the religious leaders are obliged to express the truth and announce it, they should not keep silent.