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Islamic Republic of Iran


Ministry of Interior

Mazandaran Province

Number:  8-5/M4/4494

Date:  1 Mordad 1396 [23 July 2017]


In the Name of God



Provincial Director General of Intelligence

Greetings and salutations;

Respectfully, ratified decisions of the Provincial Security Council session dated 31 Tir 1396 [22 July 2017] are submitted herewith for information and necessary action.

Ali Reza Younesi

Political, Security, and Social Advisor

and Secretary General of the Provincial Security Council

[Signed and dated 1 Mordad 1396 (23 July 2017)]


Highly Confidential


[Handwritten note on the bottom]

Deputy [illegible] to be advised.

[Signed and dated 3 Mordad 1396 (25 July 2017)]

[Stamp:  Ministry of Interior]



Islamic Republic of Iran


Ministry of Interior

Mazandaran Province


Number:  8-5/M4/4494

Date:  1 Mordad 1396 [23 July 2017]




Ratified Decisions of the Provincial Security Council Session dated 31 Tir 1396 [22 July 2017]

1- Whereas every year a number of shop-owners of the perverse Baha’i sect, in an organized manner and based on foreign dictated strategies, concurrently and defiantly, close their commercial units, and despite repeated cautions and warnings each year by the Trade Union to refrain from doing so, refuse to conform, and incite the human rights communities internationally by deliberately portraying an innocent image, causing damaging consequences for the regime, since this issue has escalated in the recent years, and they disregard the codified regulations with respect to commercial trade, and essentially, they are involved in political and propaganda activities, the Provincial Security Council, based on the reports received in the bill, item 2, dated 8 Aban 1395 [29 October 2016], submitted the case to the Commission for Religions and Sects, the 10-item decision of which, as a measure to prevent the perverse Baha’i sect’s anti-regime and harmful activities as reported by legal authorities, was confirmed and stressed by the Provincial Security Council, so that, within the framework of related regulations, they would only engaged in their commercial trade activities.

2- [Unrelated item.]

3- [Unrelated item.]


In the Name of God, the Almighty



List of those present at the Provincial Security Council

31 Tir 1396 [22 July 2017]

No.    Name and Surname                             Title                                                    Signature

1- Rabi Fallah                                       Governor General                                             [signed]

2- Ali-Reza Younesi                              Political Security Deputy                                  [signed]

3- Mohammad Ali Taghavifard             Provincial Head of Judiciary                             [absent]

4- Ahmad-Reza Pourkhaghan]     Provincial Head of the Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces


5- Adadollah Jafari                   Provincial Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor             [signed]

6- Hosein Sobhani                    Provincial Director of Intelligence                                 [signed]

7- Reza Enayati                        Provincial Chief of Security and Disciplinary Police      [signed]

8- Mohammad-Hosein Babaie  Commander of Sipáh[1] for Karbala                                [absent]

9- Seyyed Mahmoud Mirfayzi  Provincial Commander of Police                                   [signed]

10- Khordad Hakimi                 Commander of the Imám Khomeini University of Marine Sciences

Arya Shafeghat Roudbari]        Commander of the Imám Khomeini University of Marine Sciences


11- Houshang Hoseini              Provincial Commander of Naval Affairs                        [signed]

12- Ahmad Hoseinzadegan       Provincial Governor                                                     [signed]

13- Ali Sadegh Moghaddasi      Director of Ṣidá-va-Síma[2]                                             [absent]

14- Ali Shirazi              Provincial Deputy Chief of Security and Disciplinary Police      [signed]

15- Mohammad Ebrahim [illegible]      Chief Executive Officer of Mazandaran Regional Water [Resources]                                                                                                                  [signed]

16- Amir-Houshang Pasha        Deputy of Conservation and Operation                          [signed]

17- Seyyed Jamal Moradi         Deputy of Expansion and Development                         [signed]


[Stamp: Certified Copy]



[1] [Sipáh-i-Pásdárán:  Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps]

[2] [Ṣidá-va-Símá:  Iran’s government-run broadcasting corporation]