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Ministry of Agriculture Jihad

Agriculture Jihad Organization for the Province of Semnan



Islamic Republic of Iran


Number: S/88/52975

Date: 7 Bahman 1388 [27 January 2010]

Enclosure: None


To the Respected Director General of Motorized Mioun Lobar Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company

Subject: Decision of the Committee [concerning] (Mioun Lobar Company)




Respectfully, considering [our] not renewing [your] business license, and in light of existing reliable evidence indicating the illegal transportation of herds, this is to inform you that the matter was discussed at the meeting which was held on 24 Dey 1388 [14 January 2010] concerning the Animal Husbandry Licensing Committee for the Province. Subsequent to reviewing the case, the Committee decided to revoke and terminate the license for cow milk production, [registered under] number D/5877/15836, issued on 19 Mehr 1375 [10 October 1996], [for the company] located in district number 6 in Semnan [address].


Mohammad-Reza Naghmi

Manager in charge of issuing licenses and permits