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Court of Administrative Justice

Judiciary System

Court Order

“Do not follow (your) base desires, lest you deviate.”

Branch One of Court of Administrative Justice


Court Order number: 9309970900101509

File number: 9309980900050179

Branch Archival number: 931310

Date of issuance: 5 Mehr 1393 [27 September 2014]

Enclosure: -----


Administrative Court: Branch 1 of Court of Administrative Justice

Head of the Branch: Hasan Amjadi

Appellant: Anisa Fanaian; daughter of: Soheil

Respondent: National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization

Subject of Grievance and Claim: Requesting issuance of temporary order to revoke deprivation of education, and publicizing results of national university entrance exams.

Procedural synopsis: The appellant filed a judicial request against the defendant for the said grievance in the Court of Administrative Justice. Subsequent to receiving general registration number 9309980900050179, it was referred to this Branch. It was registered under the above-mentioned case number, in accordance with Article 34 of the Code of Formation and Procedure of the Court of Administrative Justice. The appellant claims for damages that are very difficult or impossible to compensate. The file was reviewed with the report of the office manager.

This Branch is convened in extraordinary time, presided over by the undersigned, and subsequent to reviewing the file records, issues a decision as follows.

“Rejection of Temporary Order”

Considering that, according to Articles 34 and 35 of the Code of Formation and Procedure of the Court of Administrative Justice, the issuance of a temporary order suspending the execution of verdicts, decisions and actions of the obligation to perform a duty relates to damages that would be impossible or impractical to compensate for in future, and since the reasons and documents provided do not indicate the incurrence of damages in a way that it would be possible or practical to compensate, and the urgency of the matter is not determined, there is no reason to issue a temporary order and the appellant’s request for a temporary order is rejected./9


Head of Branch 1 of Court of Administrative Justice

Hasan Amjadi

[Signature over the official stamp]

22 Aban 1393 [13 November 2014]

Safari [signature]