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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Post-e Tehran

[Date:] 21 Ordibehesht 1334 [12 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 607


The National Consultative Council [Parliament]

Unprecedented Tension at the Parliament

Tension was caused as a result of the statements made by Mr. Reza Afshar, the likes of which had never been seen throughout the course of the 18th parliament.

As pre-order speeches of the day, Dr. Jazayeri, Mr. Jalili, and Mr. Afshar made some statements. The bill on estate taxes for inheritance was ratified. Also, the bill on establishment of a Department for Military Logistics received final approval.

At 9:45 this morning the public meeting of the parliament, presided over by Mr. Commander Fakher Hekmat was convened. . .

. . . The speaker [of the parliament] was constantly calling and giving reminders. From every corner of the public hall shouts of disapproval could be heard. Mr. Reza Afshar kept saying, “Allow me to finish saying my words and then you may reply.”

Behbahani - What is it that you should say? Why do you stick your nose into this? Who has allowed you to say these worthless things?

Mr. Ahamd Safaie, while standing up from his seat and hitting hard on the counter, shouted, “Mr. Afshar, it seems that you have also become an ally of the Baha’is. The parliament meeting, at this point, was going through bizarre and unprecedented tension…

…Refuting of the statements

At this time, debate began on the generalities of the estate tax, and Mr. Khal’atbari stated, “Some actions have been taken in Iran lately that are against the international obligations of Iran, because a telegraph arrived recently from Australia stating that torture and persecution of the Baha’is is taking place in Iran, against the [provisions of the] Declaration of Human Rights. I believe it to be my duty to deny that such a thing has happened in Iran in violation of international obligations. In no way has there been any persecution or torture. That is right! And there has never been any harassment or torture inflicted on the Baha’is. And throughout Iran, just as with all other people, no one has assaulted any Baha’i individuals, currently or in the past.  This propaganda is a lie. That is right. Even though Mr. Afshar himself denied it, one should not imagine such a thing based on his statements.  A [campaign of] propaganda has started against Iran across the world and this telegram from Australia is an example of it.

If Military Commander Mr. Batmanghelich has gone to the centre of the gathering of the Baha’is, Military Commander Nader Batmanghelich has gone by himself. The head of the military has not gone there and has not had a mission from the government to go there. In short, no one has attacked, nor will they attack the Baha’i individuals in Iran. Baha’i individuals have the same protection as all other people and the [accusation] of torture and attack on Baha’i individuals is a lie. No one in the country will attack them. . .