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The Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court

In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 23 Shahrivar 1363 [14 September 1984]

Number: 3015/A

Enclosure: -----


File 62/M/21299 of the central office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor, concerning the case of Ahmad Bashiri, son of Farajollah, 68 years of age, who is accused of membership in the Central Assembly of Baha’is and conspiracy and espionage against the Iranian Islamic Republic, and who, on the grounds of being corrupt and an enemy of God, was subsequently sentenced to execution and confiscation of his assets and the assets of his children who live abroad, for being corrupt and an enemy of God,  was considered by the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Court. Its decision is as follows;

According to the file documents, the accused was untruthful during the interrogation and the court hearing and has endeavored to hide the truth or contradict it. However, he has explicitly confessed to the following:

1. Collection of information and news regarding executions, imprisonments, terminations from employment, and confiscation of the assets of members of the perverse Baha’i sect, from the [Baha’i] assemblies throughout the country, and the forwarding of the details via the Central National Assembly (of which he was one of the nine members) to another Assembly, such as the [United Kingdom] Assembly, and then to the House of Justice (Israel). He has confessed that this was done secretly. He stated that this information may have reached the occupier of Qods (Israel).

2. A significant sum of money (illegible attached receipts) from his own assets from thirty years ago and from the collection of funds [from Baha’is and Baha’i institutions] throughout the country, sent to the House of Justice to help the Israeli economy and to be held in Israeli banks. He has confessed to sending 300,000 Tuman of his personal assets to the House of Justice.

3. The accused has instructed all the Baha’is in the country to report any ill treatment of the Baha’is to the authorities in the country and abroad and to seek redress.

In view of the foregoing and [of information contained in] the other documents in the file, it appears that the accused is one of the central operators and leaders of these Zionist organizations, and he is an influential instructor and planner for this perverse sect in Iran and an aider and abettor of Israel. He has been a member of the [Baha’i] institutions since 1320 [1941/1942] and has participated in various committees and assemblies, such as the Pioneering Committee.  According to his own statement, they send Baha’is to areas where there are no Baha’i members in order to plant the Baha’i seeds and increase the number of Baha’i followers. He often plays ignorant and is not prepared to condemn Israel, as he considers that to do so would constitute interference in political matters. However, [he does not appear to consider that] disseminating information, confidential news, and the country’s political intelligence to Israel is interfering in politics. He has denied planning emergency exits for Baha’is fleeing abroad; however, other national assembly members such as Houshang Markazi have stated (illegible) in their face to face meeting [with the authorities]. In the event that the respected judge believes that the accused engaged in espionage (illegible), his execution and the confiscation of his assets is in accordance with the law and therefore should be confirmed. As for the assets belonging to his adult children who live abroad, it must be determined whether they departed the country prior to the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution or subsequent to the Revolution in objection to the regime, in which case confiscation of their assets would be in accordance with the law and should be confirmed.

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The Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court

23 Shahrivar 1363 [14 September 1984]

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