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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Regional Health Organization, East Azerbaijan


Particulars of the Deceased


Name: Azizollah, Surname: Ashjari, birth certificate number ----- place of issue ----- date of birth ----- father’s name: Mohammad Ali, residential address: ----- approximate length of illness: ----- direct cause of death: [executed in prison] under the provisions of Sharia Law , other minor causes[of death] ----- on date: 27/8/1364 [18 November 1985] at age ----- at place ----- died and by virtue of this certificate, permission is granted for the body to be buried.


Signature of the physician [illegible name] [signature]


[Official stamp]


[Handwritten note in the middle of the page]

By virtue of Order number 14/3477 [dated:] 11/8/64 [2 November 1985]