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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Dana Information Network

[Date:] 14 Mordad 1395 [4 August 2016]


Expert and Political Analyst:

The Baha’i Sect’s Followers Occupy Many of Iran’s Jobs

Mehdi Moshtaghi said, “Baha’is have various jobs in the Islamic society, such as architect, optician, [medical worker] and cosmetician, and the Baha’is are behind these jobs.”

According to the Rah-e Dana information Network, Negin Kavir, an expert on political issues, said in an interview, “Today, Baha’ism is making the same slow and creepy move that the U.S.-made ISIS is making faster.”

Mehdi Moshtaghi, on the sidelines of an insightful meeting of the first seminary of the Basiji sisters in the Imam Reza (AS) district of Isfahan, said, “The course of developments that Baha’ism is carrying out in the wake of the collapse of the Islamic Republic with their conspiracies and plans is thought-provoking.”

He added, “The difference between Baha’ism and ISIS is that Baha’ism carries out its own subversive undercover movement, secretly, calmly and stealthily, but ISIS does this publicly.”

The expert on political issues said, “Baha’is have various jobs in the Islamic society, such as architect, optician, [medical worker] and cosmetician, and the Baha’i are behind these jobs.”

According to him, this group is active at the city level, and if one day we see that dairy products and various products such as medicine become scarce and challenge the government, as they did in previous governments, it is because Baha’ism is behind it.

Moshtaghi emphasized, “Today, you see that our architecture is built in the style of [Masonic] lodges or Satanism in all parts of the country, and behind it is Baha’ism; they all implement the goals of Freemasonry.”

He added, “Today, if we observe the sales of spectacles in Iran with very brief research in the cities, we will find that most of them are [sold by] Baha’is, and a few Shiite boys are active in this sector.”

The expert continued, “A Baha’i named Nikki, the largest Baha’i capitalist in Iran, imports high quality glasses and lenses from the occupying Israeli regime and sells them at cheap prices in all parts of the country.”

The author of the book “Baha’is in Time” said, “We must warn the authorities to ban their purchase and to protect the Shiite boys who are working in these jobs, and there are harms that should be identified and eliminated.”