[Newspaper:] The Daily

[Date:] Tuesday, 13 October 1987


Baha'is concern

Bombay, Oct.12 (PTI)

The spiritual assembly of the Baha'is of Bombay has expressed shock at the reported execution of two more Baha'is in Teheran.         

Ardeshir Akhtari and Amir Husayn Nadiri [Amir-Hosein Naderi], who were former members of national spiritual assembly, the highest Baha'i administrative body in Iran, were executed on September 28 the assembly said quoting a communication received from the Baha'i world centre.

"This heinous act of present Iranian regime of killing of peace-loving and innocent Baha'is is because of their religious belief has been condemned by most of the world leaders", the local spiritual assembly said.

It added that the death sentence had been passed while the U.N secretary general was visiting Iran.

The local body also expressed concern over the detention of over 200 Baha'is in various prisons in Iran and said more than 250 Baha'is have been executed by the present Iranian regime since the Iranian revolution.













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