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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Dad

[Date:] Sunday, 18 Farvardin 1330 [8 April 1951]

[Issue No.:] 2065


Arrest of 15 Accused of Murder of a Woman and Four Children

Upon the request of the Tehran Criminal Court, Kerman’s Public Prosecutor’s Office  transferred to Tehran the 14 individuals accused of the tragic murder of a woman and her four children in Abarghou on the eve of 11 Bahman 1332 [2 February 1954]. They were handed over to the police. Their files are being dealt by the first branch of Tehran criminal court.

The accused are: Mohammad Shirvani, son of Haji Reza; Ali Mohammad Shirvani, son of Mohammad; Ahmad Nikouei, son of Haji Reza Mohammad Hosein; Zarand  Nikouie, son of Haji Reza; Haji Mirza Hasan Shams, son of Ali;  Abbas-Ali Pourmahdi, son of Haji Mahdi; Yadollah Afghan, son of Hasan; Mohammad Ali Afghan, son of Baghir Keykhosrow; Rasti, son of Mehraban; Gholam Hosein Salekian, son of Hasan; Mahmoud Meshkini, son of Mohammad; Esfandiar Madjzoub, son of Hormoz; Habibollah Rafati, son of Yahya, and Abdolkhalegh Malakootian, son of Abdolghani.

Some time ago, the Yazdi Society in Tehran arrested a man named Ahmad Binesh, who was one of the heads of the Baha’i community in Yazd and was an effective agent in the tragic murder in Abarghou. He is imprisoned now.