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[Newspaper:] Dad

[Date:] 19 Tir 1335 [10 July 1956]

[Issue No.:] 3545


Daily Currents

Yesterday evening, the Central Criminal Court issued its verdict on the 44 defendants in the Yazd incident after eight consecutive hours of deliberation. According to the court’s decision, 23 people were acquitted and 21 people were sentenced to seven months to four years in prison.

Yesterday morning, the last session of the Central Criminal Court, chaired by Mr. Nematollahi, was convened, to investigate the charges against 44 people accused of the Hormozak incident in Yazd, who had killed seven Baha’is (six men and one woman), in 1334 [1955]. After the closure of the defence of the last two defendants, the head of the court announced the conclusion of the trial and judges entered into consultation for issuing the final verdict.


The Court’s Verdict:

The Criminal Court, after eight consecutive hours of consultation, issued its verdict at 6:30 p.m. yesterday and announced the following to the defendants According to the verdict of the Criminal Court, 23 people were acquitted and 21 people were sentenced to seven months to four years of imprisonment. The convicts immediately appealed the verdict.


Denial of the News:

According to the written report of Mr. Tahami, the assistant prosecutor and the representative of the magistrate in Branch 1 of the Criminal Court, and based on the oral inquiry from Mr. Nematollahi, the head of the said court, the detailed description published in the Sunday issue of Ettelaat newspaper on Sunday, 17 Tir [8 July], under the heading of “Severe Quarrels in the Criminal Court”, was completely false and untrue. The spectators have not attacked the representative of the magistrate, nor has there been any quarrel between them.