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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Dodd

[Date:] 22 Khordad 1325 [12 June 1946]

[Issue No:] 762

[Page:] 4


In the Supreme Criminal Court


This week, [there was an] open trial and criminal court [hearing] for 26 [people] accused of a murder in which four people, who belonged to one party or the other, were killed during last year’s religious conflict in Shahroud. Following the actions in the capital [of the country] and the [actions of] the governor of the area, the accused offenders were arrested and sent to the capital for further investigation. The examination and interrogation of the parties continued, and it was finally concluded this week. The hearing in the Supreme Criminal Court has started.


On behalf of some of the accused [for the defence], Mr. Reza Malaki-Khorasani, Ameed Ghomi, Esfandiari, Isa Tabatabaei, Zolmajd Tabatabai and Razavi will represent, and on behalf of the others, Mr. Jadali, Khalatbari and Navidi, have been selected and introduced.


The formal and open court began on Saturday and Sunday and it has been occupied with verification of the identity of the accused. The trial and discussion between the lawyers of the two parties will begin today.