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With respectful greetings; my name is Saman Lotfi, and I have been a cyclist for 25 years. I am a member of the cycling team for Isfahan Province, and was a one term member of the national team.


I was appointed as the head of Cycling Committees for all cities and localities in the province by the chief commissioner of the Provincial Cycling Committee. Subsequently, while remaining in the said position, I was appointed as the coach to the veterans, and also coached and supervised the youth and junior youth training groups, as well as the public relations officer for the townships. I was appointed on 25/7/1395 [16 October 2016] as the director of the Provincial Cycling Committee by Mr. Kayvan Limouie, the chief commissioner of the Provincial Cycling Committee. All such appointments were because I was raised as a Baha’i, with high moral principles and ethics, all based on the teachings of Baha’u’llah.


However, because the Herasat Office [of Security] of Sports and Young Athletes in the province did not approve my suitability, owing to my being a Baha’i, the offer of the position was no longer available to me. In a gathering of a number of sports authorities and in the presence of the chief commissioner, I mentioned that titles and positions do not mean anything to me, inasmuch as I was brought up with Baha’i values and understanding, and that is the attitude with which I serve in this sports’ complex, that of love and sincerity. Even without a title, I would continue to serve my students and the Isfahani athletes at the Provincial Cycling Committee.  



Chief Commissioner of the Provincial Cycling Committee, [Mr.] Kayvan Limouie

  1. Head of Herasat Office [of Security] Mr. Salimi.
  2. Director General of the Department of Sports and Young Athletes, Mr. Soltan Hoseini.
  3. Mr.  Amir Esmaili, former Secretary of the Cycling Committee—it was owing to his transfer to the head of Motorcycling Committee that the position was offered to me


Saman Lotfi


26/7/1395 [17 October 2016]