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Ministry of the Interior


Office: -----

[Handwritten:] Decoding the Cable from Shiraz

[Recording Stamp of the Office of Political Affairs]

Number: 1747

Date: 13 Khordad 1323 [3 June 1944]


Copy: ----- Number: ----- Date: 4 Khordad 1313 [1323] [25 May 1944] Ministry/Office where original recorded as number -----


Ministry of the Interior,

A dispute between the Baha’is and Muslims in Abadeh caused trouble.  The Force deployed Colonel Amani to investigate; considering the situation, he established martial law.  Several troublemakers from both sides jailed. Local residents closed shops.  For now, situation stable.  General report in mail. 

[Signature:] 22 Khajeh Nouri


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