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Ministry of the Interior

Law Enforcement Office


Date: 31/05/1323 [22 August 1944]

Number 33889/N/7046


Mr. Prime Minister

Following up on the report number 33525 – [dated] 28/05/1323 [19 August 1944], regarding the action that has been taken to investigate and prosecute the instigators of the events of Shahroud and to attract  the attention of the Army’s Joint Staff, the copy of the response of the Army’s Joint Staff is now presented here for your information.


Ministry of the Interior, [Signature: Abdol-Hosein Hazhir]

[Stamp: received at Prime Minster Office, Number: 9674, Date: 2/06/1323 (24 August 1944)]

[Handwritten Note 1:] Background, Shahrivar [August-September 1944]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Mr. Dabiran, respond to be provided about the results of the inspector’s report. [Signature], 11/06/1323 [2 September 1944]