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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology



Payame Noor University


Date: 6 Esfand 1385 [25 February 2007]

Number: 21/82899

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God

The Esteemed president of the main Payame Noor University for Fars Province

Respectfully, copies of letters number 21/3969, dated 30 Dey 1385 [20 January 2007], and number 115/4558, dated 24 Dey 1385 [14 January 2007], from the esteemed Director of University Academic Affairs and Higher Education and the esteemed advisor to the Minister and the Director-General of the Complaints Investigation and Response Office, together with Mr. Bashir Dana’s request, are submitted herewith. Kindly arrange to issue instructions for investigation and report the outcome to this office.

With wishes for God’s Grace,

Dr. Reza Rasouli

Director of University Academic Services


cc:  University Academic Services Office