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Ministry of Food

Date: 15 Farvardin 1322 [5 April 1943]

Number 45


Office of the Prime Minister


Referring to letter number 31001-13 Bahman 1321 [2 February 1943], the subject of the report of one of the employees of the Ministry of Food in Kermanshah, because the original letter was sent directly for the perusal of the prime minister of the time and does not exist in the records, it is requested that a copy of the original report be prepared, on your instruction, and sent to this office for subsequent presentation.


Director of the Ministerial Office, Amir -Jalil Mojdehi

[Signature: Amir-Jalil Mojdehi]


[Handwritten Note 1] [Stamp: entering the Office of the Director of Ministers, number 821, date:  15 Farvardin 1322 (5 April 1943)]

[Handwritten note 2] [Records 15 Farvardin 1322 [5 April 1943]

[Handwritten note 3] Mr. Kayvan, copy to be sent 16 Farvardin 1322[6 April 1943]