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Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Court: -----


Do not follow (your) low desires, lest you deviate


Date: 138 -----

Number: ----

Attachment: -----


Case Number: 1-85-903

Number of Judgment: 1065 – 18 Bahman 1385 [7 February 2007]


Claimant:1- Ataollah Movaffaghi, son of Karim; Address: [redacted]; 2- Seyyed Elyas Sadeghi, son of Seyyed Mehdi; Address: [redacted]

Defendant: Unknown

Type of Charge: Burning of residential homes

Investigating Authority: Branch 1, Public Court of Chahardangeh District of Kiasar


((The Court Verdict))

Regarding the complaint of 1- Mr. Ataollah Movaffaghi, son of Karim; and 2- Seyyed Elyas Sadeghi, son of Seyyed Mehdi; about the burning [their] residential homes in the Village of Ivel, although the site inspection and the expert opinion of the fire and safety services indicate that the fire was intentional, considering that the suspects did not file a complaint against anyone, and the investigation of the law enforcement authority to identify the accused or defendants has not produced any results, this court, based on paragraph A of Article 177 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, [declines to] prosecute the case. The decision issued can be appealed in the Court of Appeal of Mazandaran Province within twenty days from the date of notification.

Judge of Branch 1 of Public Court of Chahardangeh, District of Kiasar

Ismail Vahedi



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