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Do not follow your own desires, lest you deviate [Quran 4:135]


Public Prosecutor’s Office, Islamic Republic of Iran


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In the Name of God

Legal Affairs

Date reviewed: 27 Mordad 1388 [18 August 2009]

Case reference: 338/21/88

Judgement number: 844

Investigating authority: Branch 21, Appellate Court, Province of Tehran

Appellant: Executive Headquarters of Karaj – Karaj, Martyrs Square, Bahar Street, adjacent to Baharestan School

Appellee: Ali-Akbar Barati Darani, the attorney for heirs Farrahi and others – Tehran, Valiye Asr Avenue, beyond Jam-e Jam, Parvin Street, number 34, unit 4


Procedural synopsis

Upon receiving the file and recording it under the case reference above, the meeting of the Court was convened and presided over by the undersigned judges with all formal procedures followed throughout. The committee in this branch, having reviewed the contents of the file and reading the documents submitted by both sides, announces the completion of its review and, having deliberated with God’s help, issues its decision as follows.


Decision of the Court

Regarding the objection to and appeal by the Division in Charge of Enforcing the Orders of Imam [Khomeini] of Judgement number 6/87/488, dated 25 Azar 1387 [15 December 2008], issued by Branch 16 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, on the basis of which the original absentee Judgement number 6/86/369, dated 9 Aban 1386 [31 October 2007], about the confiscation of the portion belonging to the appellee in case reference 4/2110 in Vardavard of Karaj has been voided and returned to its previous status: After review of the contents of the file and the bill of appeal by the appellant, and given that there has been no legitimate or actual mistake or shortcoming pointed out that would cause the annulment of the aforementioned judgement or lead to further investigation per the items contained in the Article 348 of the Civil Procedure Code for the Public and Revolutionary Courts, and the fact that the original judgement was issued according to legal rules and regulations in every way, therefore, with correction of the name of Mr. Kioumars Iraninejad to Sirous Iraninejad, this Court, with reliance on Article 351 of the aforementioned law, hereby rejects the appeal and approves and affirms in full the judgement of the reviewer.  This decision is binding in accordance with Article 365 of the aforementioned law. 06gh34/9

Head of Branch 21, Appellate Court of Tehran Province

Mahmoud Towliyat

Clerk of the Court

Ebrahim Paydar Pouya


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