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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran



Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran

Interrogation and Records Form

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On date 9 Aban 1368 [31 October 1989], an extraordinary session of Branch 10 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran (Special for Enforcement of Article 49 of the Constitution), is convened, presided over by the undersigned, and file reference 84 – 10/65 pertaining to the charges against Mr. Faramarz Iraninejad and others, along with the letter of 20 Mehr 1368 [12 October 1989] from the Supervisory for the Enforcement of the Orders of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor in Tehran, was reviewed.  Considering the file records, the preliminary decision number 114 – 16 Aban 1366 [7 November 1987] of this court, and decision number 4/649 –  18 Shahrivar 1368 [9 September 1989] of the Islamic Revolutionary High Court, even though according to the detailed commentary dated 6 Azar 1367 [27 September 1988] (pages 376 and 377) of the appeal the preliminary decision of this court is deemed unjustified, the instruction remains that the provisions of the [original] court order against Mr. Faramarz Iraninejad are to be enforced and the information of the other two accused (Mehrangiz and Sirous) is to be forwarded to the Supreme Court.

Head of Branch 10 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran – Salehimanesh



9 Aban 1368 [31 October 1989]


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