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Court order: 13158 - 25 Ordibehesht 1378 [15 May 1999]

Judicial System


Islamic Revolutionary Court


Date: 25 Azar 1377 [16 December 1998]

Number: Tenth 114918

Enclosure: ------


In the Name of God: On 25 Azar 1377 [16 December 1998], the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran held a session under the supervision of the undersigned. File number 1398/76/HD, relating to the claim by Mr. Hosein Azami, son of Haydar was under investigation. It concerned to the property claim [redacted] against the Execution of Imam Khomaini’s Order [EIKO], in the presence of the legal representative of the indicted, Ali-Mohammad Azami, his younger son, questioning, carrying out precedent order 581. The court, upon review of the entire contents of the file, concluded and announced its judgement and renders its decision as follows.

Court Decision

Based on the documents in the file and relying upon the contents of court orders 19628, dated 13 Dey 1368 [3 January 1990], and 27156, dated 17 Bahman 1371 [6 February 1993], it appears that the property belonging to the members of the Azami family, who have fled the country, had been confiscated for the benefit of the Execution of Imam Khomaini’s Order [EIKO] and the order has been carried out. In question is the properties belonging to Mohammad Azami, the younger son, at land located in [redacted], which Mr. Hosein Azami, son of Haydar, claims to have purchased. Reviewing the written documents by the petitioner, the recorded statements by the aforementioned individual and the esteemed representative of the beneficiary foundation in the meetings of 12 Aban 1376 [3 November 1997] and 13 Dey 1376 [3 January 1998], and the revised interpretation of the views expressed by the official expert of the Prosecutor’s Office on 24 Aban 1377 [15 November 1998] and 5 Azar 1377 [26 November 1998] all have been carefully considered. Also, certification of the seller’s signature under the confession letter of 18 Esfand 1354 [8 March 1976], and evidence that Mr. Hosein Azami with his family have resided for a period of close to 23 years at the aforementioned property (and it appears that a bill of sale has been produced between them in the usual customary manner). Therefore, the right of the aforementioned individual to the stated property is established in view of this court and the above-mentioned residence does not [sic] count as the property belonging to the defendant, Mohammad Azami, the young son. Therefore, according to legal procedures, the transfer of [redacted] to the name of Mr. Hosein Azami is allowable in view of this court. The rendered decision is final and must be carried out upon approval of His Highness Hojatoleslam, Mr. Nayyeri, Head of Special Courts, dated 16 Shahrivar 1368 [7 September 1989].

Head of Branch 16 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran

Hosein Mashayekh

Branch 16 Tehran

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[Handwritten note on the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God

[Date:] [illegible]

Reviewed and investigated. In view of the documents and, in particular, the fact that the bill of sale has been provided and [illegible] is willing to purchase, the claim of Mr. Hosein Azami, son of Haydar, is rejected. The aforementioned is allowed to [illegible] residence and house [illegible] regarding purchase of the property from the Execution Headquarters.

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Form number 54/2201/1040 of the Office of Planning and Project Development