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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Office of the Prime Minister;

General Number 2386

Private Number: -----

Folder Number: ------

File Number: ------

Registration date: 24/2/1320 [14 May 1941]


Confidential, Eyes only,


Ministry of the Interior


A copy of a report received from the post office of Sarvestan regarding the behaviour and activities of the Baha’is of [Sarvestan] is attached for your information. As this sort of gathering has been forbidden by the government, these people have no right to demonstrate or use illegal means for their actions.

For the sake of keeping peace and order, such activities should be stopped. You are required to report the outcome of the actions taken.


Prime Minister


[Handwritten:] Renewed. 25/2/1320 [15 May 1941], Malek[ol-Kalami.]