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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Saturday, 07 Shahrivar 1366 [29 August 1987] - 4 Moharam 1408

[Issue No:] 13114

[Page:] 19


Launched of the Construction of Residential Complex for Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps by the Chairman of the Parliament.

Minister of Sepah [Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps]: In the first project, 3,500 residential homes will be constructed for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

Social Division of Kayhan:

Hojatoleslam Hashemi Rafsanjani, representative of Imam [Khomeini] in the Supreme Council of Defense, and parliamentary chairman, officially launched the construction of a residential complex for Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Bagh-e Ghods, in Azgul.

Present in the ceremonies were Mohsen Rafighdoost, Minister of Sepah, commanders of the army and Sepah, and some of the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

According to our reporter, Bagh-e Ghods in Azgul covers five million square meters of land.

This garden [Bagh-e Ghods], located at the start of Lashkarak Road, has recently been gifted to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards by way of a rescript from the Imam to build housing for the members of the Revolutionary Guards.

Speech of the Chairman of the Parliament:

Hojatoleslam Hashemi Rafsanjani noted in this ceremony, “One way to recognize God is for those who believe in God to see that there is a power above all other powers that can change all plans. Those in power and others make plans, but a hidden hand will spoil their plans and will change everything. From the early days when Tehran was expanding, those involved knew that Tehran would be a good place, so they picked the best part of Tehran for the vilest and the nethermost acts, such as espionage and anti-Islamic efforts. Who knew in those days that there would be a revolution in Iran, and that the purest children of this land gathered in Sepah would build houses in this location?”

He added, “Our ardent prayers are for the speedy progresses of this project, and for quick resolution of all administrative and other issues. Of course, if anyone intends to create a problem, when they realize the aim of this project, they will cooperate and won’t cause any problem. We are hopeful that families of the Sepahian [Guards] [will] move into this place soon for us to address the residents at that point.”     

Before the opening ceremony, Hojatoleslam Hashemi Rafsanjani viewed the architectural model of the complex, and was given an overview by the project manager. Hojatoleslam Rafsanjani also offered some guidance.

In a short interview with our reporter, the Minister of Sepah said, “On the occasion of the Week of Government, phase one of the construction of the first residential complex for Islamic Revolutionary Guards, [called] the Residential Complex of Martyr Mahallati, commenced.” 

He further indicated, “3,500 houses will be built for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards.”

He added, “This garden was previously used as center of conspiracy and corruption for the perverse Baha’i sect”.

He stated, “The budget for this project is provided by members of Sepah and bank loans. The [architectural] designs of these homes are influenced by Islamic revolutionary culture and sentiments of members of Sepah, and not Western influences”.

The costs and expenses allocated for this project total 1.5 billion tuman.  

The complex provides all services, such as primary school, high school, hospital, shopping center, mosque and a Hussainiya [seminary].

Also in the northern part of the complex, a spacious public park will be established for enjoyment.