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Date: 10 Tir 1325 [1 July 1946]

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Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone

Telegraphic report of provinces and cities


The result is that, to this day, there has been no demonstration by Muslims to maintain peace, and the city is at peace. Mostashari

Birjand – 9 Tir [1325] [30 June 1946], following the report of 8 Tir 1325 [29 June 1946] as a result of raids on the homes of Baha’is and the shootings by the police force and gendarmerie to prevent further riots, an individual from the Muslim sect was killed and three other individuals were shot.

Last night, on the insistence of the relatives of the victim, a bullet was removed from the flank of the deceased. The head of the infirmary had refused to remove the bullet; therefore, the doctor of the gendarmerie removed it. The purpose was to determine whether the bullet had been shot from the handgun of the head of the police force, who, at that time, had fired out of despair to save his own life, or from the gun of the “three forces” [ army]. It appears that the bullet had been [shot] from the handgun. Today, the corpse was buried, and the other three individuals are being treated. The rioters [aggressors] believe the head of the police force acted against the regulations and are following up on a telegram. They are currently being held at the Gendarmerie Battalion [base], until an order is received from the Governorate Office. For the time being, the local residents have been dispersed on the advice of the clergy. However, the number of gendarmes and military forces in Birjand are limited and the security is threatened.

Zahir Obehi


Qazvin – 9 Tir – At 5:45 p.m. four single-engine aircrafts numbers 1 and …


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The Law Enforcement Office – The Political Office,

The telegram is received from the provincial government through the Inspection Office.

Reply, they should order to take care that there are no disturbances. 10 Tir 1325 [1 July 1946]