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Court of Justice


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office



Central Revolutionary Court, Branch 8, at the Shahid Ghodsi intersection, is in session, presided over by the signatories below, in the absence of the accused.  Case number 110/876, with respect to the allegation [against] the accused is being considered.  Accused are: 1 – Bahram Aydoun, son of Soroush; 2 – Khorshid Chehr Khoda Rahmi, wife  of the above accused; 3 – Kaykhosrow, son of Aydoun; 4 – Parvin, daughter of Aydoun; 5 –  Mehrdad, son of Aydoun; 6 – Iraj, son of Aydoun; 7 – Fereidoun Aydoun, son of Soroush; 8 – Rohangiz Setodeh, wife of Fereidoun Aydoun; 9 – Fereshteh Aydoun, daughter of Ferydoon; 10 – Ardeshir Parsa, husband of Fereshteh; 11– Parvaneh, wife of Rostam Tashakor; 12 – Shirin (illegible); 13 – Bijan Aydoun.  The abovementioned accused are Baha’is and reside abroad in America and Italy.  Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the remainder of their properties has been managed by the executive affairs [department] of the public prosecutor general of the Islamic Republic.  The court, after considering their files and the bill of indictment in respect to their properties, hereby issues the verdict.  As the abovementioned individuals are Baha’is, and have left the country, and are not protected by the order for the protection of infidels, their moveable and immovable properties are confiscated for the benefit of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This verdict is enforceable after being approved by the Supreme Islamic Court.

The Supreme Islamic Court Judge, Branch 8

[signature over official stamp]

13/2/1361[3 May 1982]

[official stamp]

[handwritten note at the bottom of  the page]

In the Name of God

Executive of the General Prosecutor’s Islamic Revolution [sic]

Since the above verdict is with respect to the return of the movable and immovable properties of the abovementioned [illegible] by the Islamic Revolutionary Court, the enforcement order is issued.