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Number 164/65

Dated 4/7/1368 [26 September 1989]

Enclosure [illegible]

In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran



Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor - Rafsanjan

Honourable Administrator of the Martyr Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, Rafsanjan, Mr. Ansari


Considering the verdict issued by the judge of the Fifth Branch of the Judiciary Committee responsible for carrying out the order of Imam Quds [illegible], dated 10/4/1366 [1 July 1987],  to confiscate the properties and belongings of Asadollah Sadeghzadeh (with the exception of 600 units [pistachio trees] of the orchard) with the right [illegible]) and approval of the prosecutor of the Islamic Republic for Kerman, this office recommends that the aforementioned properties be transferred to the Martyr Foundation of the Islamic Revolution in Rafsanjan, to provide for the families of the martyrs. Herewith is a list of the confiscated properties in the Rafsanjan area, appended to which is the rental agreement obtained from the tenant and which is being forwarded to Mr. Yadollah [illegible] for his information and action in order to [enable him to effect the] transfer and manage the income. Certainly [illegible] [he] will, considering the interests of the Foundation, act in accordance with the law to comply with or [compensate] [those who may be recompensed] or cancel the [illegible] rental agreement. %

[Name] [illegible]

Deputy Public Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic, Kerman- Rafsanjan Area


4/7/1368 [26 September 1989]




Copy to:

Mr. Asadollah Sadeghzadeh for information and action in collecting 600 units of [pistachio trees] with right of [illegible]

Copy to:Mr. Yadollah [illegible], the tenant of the aforementioned properties, for information and coordination with the Foundation