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The Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran


Islamic Republic of Iran





Court Order

On 20/12/1363 [11 March 1985], the branch in charge of assessment of issues and implementation of the rule of the government of the Imam of the nation accordingly, reviewed the assets of Mr. Mousa Ehsani, son of Rabi, file number 25270/M/61, and is hereby issuing a final decision as follows:


Decision of the Court

The evidence in the file indicates that the forenamed is [an adherent] of the perverse Baha’i sect; a  member of the feast and legal committees; and a member for seven or eight years as treasurer of the Board of Directors of Nawnahalan Company, which aims at making the national economy dependent on foreign countries, in particular on the Zionists. The named individual also pledged to cover the costs of the building of a Haziratu’l-Qods in Japan, and has travelled to occupied Palestine, where he met with Zionists. Therefore, in light of the file records, it is clear and evident that the above-named is one of the leaders of the perverse Baha’i sect. In the opinion of this branch, and in accordance with paragraph 9 of the bill adopted by the cabinet of ministers appointed by the Imam (may my life be a sacrifice to Him) to implement the rule of the government of the Imam of the nation, the entirety of his movable and immovable assets, including all that has been transferred to his next of kin, are subject to this government order, expropriated to the benefit of Mostazafin, and must therefore, in accordance with the ratified decisions of the Revolutionary Council, be transferred to the Bonyad [Mostazafin]. Considering that this branch merely made the determination, endorsement of the Supreme Court is not required.


Assessment of Issues Branch

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Branch 10 Tehran