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Court Order

Islamic Revolutionary Court Central Branch One

The case of the founders of Misaghieh Hospital, by the names of Professor Manouchehr Hakim, Dr. Mashaollah Moshrefzadeh, Dr. Mohammad Afnan, Manouher Ghaem-Maghami, Dr. Bahram Seraj, Dr. Aref Khadem, and Nosratollah Ebghaie -,[illegible] Misaghieh, was reviewed in Branch 3 of the [Islamic] Revolutionary Court. According to the file records, a verdict was issued as follows:

Court Decision

The summary of this file indicates that the founders of Misaghieh Hospital, whose names appear in the above introduction, are followers of the perverse Baha’i sect. With the support of the decadent Pahlavi regime, the hospital was turned into a major centre for Baha’ism and anti-Islamic propaganda, and by earning vast illegitimate income, [the founders] made numerous monetary contributions to the House of Justice in Israel in an effort to protect the interests of imperialism and international Zionism.

In this hospital, which is of grand scale and has significant and detailed operational facilities, the first official Baha’i college, under the guise of the Advanced Institute of Nursing, was established. In this Institute, 40 of the 87 students were Baha’i, and the importance of this institute for the Baha’i administration was such that it made an annual donation of two million rial to it.

As for the management of this hospital, the chief executive officer of this company, Professor Manouchehr Hakim, has clearly stated on page 12 of the report presented to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, that this hospital, guided by the National Spiritual Assembly, shall always strive to implement the guidance of the House of Justice in establishing Baha’i life and becoming a promoter of Baha’i ethics. It is essential to note that the House of Justice is located in Israel, and connection and collaboration with those who run the affairs of the House of Justice in Israel would allow the influence and domination of Zionism in Iran. The Baha’i sect, which is the illegitimate child of the collaboration and intercourse of the exploiter Britain and exploiter Russia, has had, and will continue to have, no other goal but the oppression of the long-suffering Muslim nation of Iran.

Another noteworthy issue is that out of 290 hospital employees, 123 are followers of this perverse sect and undoubtedly have been diligent in carrying out the orders of Zionism’s exploitative and anti-Islamic strategies. According to the recorded documents in the file (page 26 of the file) a sum of 500,000 rial, seemingly for the building of the Archives, but in fact for assisting the Israeli government, has been donated by the hospital. And on page 12 of the hospital CEO’s report to the National Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, one of the actions of the hospital is described as “earmarked for assisting the pioneering plan of some of the Baha’i nurse’s aides.” Of course it is clear that pioneering means to promote the Baha’i sect worldwide and to spend [this sum] on benefitting Zionism.

Considering the above-noted matters and the evidence at hand, and bearing in mind that the perverse Baha’i sect was for years supported by the despised Pahlavi regime, and that regime itself, with the bilateral support of Zionism, was looting the treasury of the oppressed nation of Iran, the court hereby orders the complete surrender of all movable and immovable assets of the above-mentioned shareholders for the benefit of the Islamic Revolution Bonyad-e Shahid [Martyrs’ Foundation]. As for the institutes associated with the hospital, such as the Nurse’s Aide Higher Educational Institution, the Advanced Institute of Nursing, the Boyer-Ahmad Clinic, and the Takur and Nur Clinics in Mazandaran, since these institutions were funded by various Baha’i assemblies and the hospital’s shareholders, the court orders the surrender of the abovementioned institutions for the benefit of the Islamic Revolution Bonyad-e Shahid [Martyrs’ Foundation]. As for the Attar Clinic, situated on Behboudi Street, since the members of its board of directors, as stated in the footnotes on page 6 of Manouchehr Hakim’s report, and on page 55 of the case records, were shareholders in the Nawnahalan Company, or were partners in Misaghieh Hospital (such as 1. Nourollah Ferdowsi, member of the Nawnahalan Company board of directors, which has been confiscated, 2. Rouhi Rowshani, auditor of Misaghieh Hospital, and 3. Dr. Nosratollah Aflatouni, auditor of Nawnahalan Company) and considering the previous explanations about the intentions of the perverse sect and their collaboration with Zionism, the court orders the surrender of all the movable and immovable assets of Attar [Clinic] Hospital [sic] for the benefit of the Islamic Revolution Bonyad-e Shahid [Martyrs’ Foundation]. This verdict is final and binding, and based on the Sharia law.

As for the orchard adjacent to the former hospital, further investigation is required to establish the extent and boundaries, and its use and the identity of the owner, and reported to this authority. 

Sharia Judge

Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani

Islamic Revolutionary Court Central Branch One

1357 [1979]


Jurist of the Court

8 Ordibehesht 1359 [28 April 1980]

Central Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutors’ Office of the Islamic Republic


15 Shahrivar 1360 [6 September 1981]