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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God,


Islamic Republic of Iran



From: The Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court

To: Addendum 82 Enforcement Office at the Prime Minister’s Office


Further to letter number 30/18/M/58, dated 10 Bahman 1363 [30 January 1985], from Branch 9 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, we respectfully inform you herewith that according to revised Court Order number 15766, dated 28 Farvardin 1367 [17 April 1988], of Branch 13 of the Revolutionary Court, and confirmation number A/993, dated 20 Mordad 1367 [11 August 1988], from the High Court in Qum, all the properties of Mr. Azizollah Mottahedeh, son of Abdor-Razzagh [Abdol-Vahhab] and all those [properties] that he has purchased in the names of his children and are registered in their names are confiscated to the benefit of the Islamic Revolutionary Government.  Accordingly, while confirming the receipt of the enclosed photocopies, instruct the necessary action to take place and report the result to this office.

Acting Head of Court Orders Endorsement Office at Islamic Revolutionary Court, Branch 1,

[Stamp illegible] Tehran


Copy [illegible] office deputy for investigation and repossession, further to the letter dated 27 Bahman 1365 [16 February 1987], we enclose two pages of the aforementioned Court Orders for your information and necessary action.


[Handwritten notes at the bottom of page]

Brother [Ettehad]

Please proceed with identification of [his] properties and inform [illegible] relevant [authorities]