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Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran – Evin



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Number – 16498


Case number 33777/M/62, the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Branch 13, presided over by the undersigned hereby charges Amir Azizi son of Azizollah, Baha’i fugitive, birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], and Ziaollah Azizi son of Amir Azizi, and Sousan Azizi daughter of Amir Azizi, and Elaheh Azizi daughter of Amir Azizi, and Simindokht Azizi daughter of Amir Azizi with being fugitive Baha’is residing in the United States.  They are under surveillance.


Procedural synopsis:

About hundred years ago two offspring of Molla Danial (or Ebrahim) were born into this Jewish family.  Their names were Morteza and Azizollah.  Both of them became Baha’is later in life through someone named Eliyaho, a traveller from Israel to Iran.  After Morteza and Azizollah died, their children became part of the main circle of Baha’i leadership, particularly in Iran.  Their activities in the  promulgation of the Baha’i faith reached all over the world, including a number of Islamic countries such as India, Iran, Iraq, the Soviet Union, Indonesia, and others, but were then restricted after the victory of the Islamic Revolution [in 1979].  Eventually their opposition and animosity towards Islam and the supreme leadership became obvious and gradually some were executed for their activities and others fled the country and went abroad.

The charges against Amir Azizi and his children are based on the following:

  1. A report by the Islamic Republic Information Document Centre stating that Amir Azizi, son of Azizollah, is a follower of the perverse sect.
  2. A report by the Islamic Republic Information Document Centre stating that Simindokht Azizi, daughter of Amir, was affiliate with the perverse Baha’i sect and a statement made by one of the tenants where she resided, to say that she had fled abroad, possibly to Germany.
  3. A report by the investigation team of the [Islamic Revolutionary] Prosecutor’s Office on the Azizi brothers, stating that they were Jews and later became Baha’is..Two of the seven brothers (Jalal and Eskandar Azizi) were later executed for their anti-revolutionary activities.
  4. A report by the investigation team of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office on one of the properties of Ziaollah Azizi, son of Amir, and the fact that he is a Baha’i. Page 148.
  5. Yet another report by the investigation team of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office regarding the fact that Amir Azizi was a Baha’i and that he and his family fled the country abroad; and that his property is located on [redacted] and belongs to Amir Azizi’s children, Simindokht, Sousan, and Elaheh Azizi.
  6. Sections of the memoir written by Azizollah Azizi, father of Amir Azizi (pages 343 to 352) which was prepared and organized into a book by his son, Dr. Zabihollah Azizi, in which it clearly describes this family as one of the Baha’i leaders and founders of Baha’ism in Iran.  It is stated in the book that Azizollah’s birthday fell on a Jewish holy day and he was born into a poor clerical family, who were very spiritual, passionate and pious.  The memoir says, his father (Molla Danial) prayed to God for a son in order to teach him the principles of Judaism and to succeed him.  God gave him a son as he wished at the height of his poverty [held a party and invited the relatives to attend] and the son was so dear to everyone that he became known as Aziz [the dear one] and Azizollah later in life. At the age of five, his father sent him to school to study Hebrew while in the evenings Aziz spent time with his father to learn the verses of the Torah.  Then someone by the name of Hajj Eliyaho came to Tehran from Israel and began to secretly contact the Jews and invite them to Baha’ism.  As a result Azizollah and Morteza, who were brothers, became Baha’is.
  7. A comprehensive report by the Investigation Unit of Mostazafan Foundation (pages 399 to 410) clearly reveals the Azizi family’s religious, political, and economic status.  The report shows that the Azizi family actively participated in promotion and propagation of Baha’ism’s misguided teachings, not limited to Iran but rather to places all around the world, through their communication network and travels to various countries including Spain, Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, and others, where they learned various other languages.  Among their activities was the translation and publication of books in various languages, with the aim of promoting Baha’ism.  They were actively taking currency and their wealth out of Iran following the victory of the Islamic Revolution and publishing statements against the Islamic Republic.
  8. A report by the Martyr Foundation submitted to the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office stating that Amir Azizi’s first-degree relatives have also fled the country while they all have a number of properties in Iran.
  9. A statement made by Eskandar Azizi, son of Azizollah, confirming that he was a Baha’i and Amir Azizi was his brother (It should be noted that the named was executed and his properties were confiscated.)
  10. A statement by the custodian of the Azizi shopping plaza, confirming that while Amir Azizi was in Iran he was in charge of collecting rent on behalf of his brothers.  In addition, there is another report from the tenants of the Azizi shopping plaza addressed to the Prosecutor's Office requesting advice on the ownership of the shops, with their lease enclosed stating Amir Azizi as one of the owners.
  11. Amir Azizi’s contributions towards the purchase of property for the House of Worship in the Netherlands and up to eleven receipts from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the Netherlands.  Pages 675 and 676.
  12. A letter from the Universal House of Justice to the Azizi brothers, including Amir Azizi, stating that during his lifetime their father was a recipient of the loving favors of the Center of the Covenant and the benevolence of the Guardian and that the Azizis were each a Brilliant Star, and that prayers were offered on their behalf in the Holy Land. Pages 677 and 682.
  13. Financial assistance from Azizollah Azizi, father of Amir Azizi, to the House of Justice and a letter of appreciation from that Body referring to him as “Spiritual”.  Page 683.
  14. One hundred thousand dollars in financial assistance from Amir Azizi to the Universal House of Justice (center for Baha’i espionage) and their letter of appreciation to him (page 684). (God knows how many other donations were given by the accused for which documentation was not obtained).
  15. A statement made by the accused, Amir Azizi, confirming that he was a Baha’i and owned a lot of properties (pages706 to 711).
  16. A report prepared by two officers of the Prosecution’s Office and the [revolutionary] committee regarding the removal of valuable objects from Amir Azizi’s residence and the timely interception of officers to confiscate.
  17. A letter from one of Amir Azizi’s daughters addressed to him and his affiliations with the Baha’i Assembly in the United Kingdom. Pages 718 and 719.
  18. A statement by Ziaollah Azizi, son of Amir, confirming that he was a Baha’i and two of his sisters were abroad (pages 723 to 727).
  19. A letter from Enayatollah Azizi to his brothers, including Amir Azizi, stating that the Baha’i community should always take priority over the development, progress, and prosperity of every nation of the world, especially Iran..  On the occasion of the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire, he suggested to his brothers that, given the high status of the Azizi brothers in the Baha’i community, and with the National Spiritual Assembly, they should purchase a school in one of the villages of Iran, in consultation with the National Assembly, and then donate it to the government from the National Assembly.  The suggestion was agreed by all the brothers, including Amir Azizi.

Identified properties of Amir Azizi and his children Ziaollah and Simindokht Azizi, based on a report from the Islamic Revolutionary Martyr Foundation, are as follows:

  1. Plot of 4,000 square meters of an orchard located on [redacted] currently under the ownership of Amir Azizi.
  2. Plot of 9,000 square meters of an orchard located on [redacted] currently under the ownership of Amir Azizi.
  3. A three-story residential building on tan orchard located on [redacted] currently under the ownership of Amir Azizi.
  4. Two residential units and seven shops located on an orchard at [redacted] currently under the ownership of Simindokht, Elaheh, and Sousan Azizi.
  5. Three sixth of a four sixth ownership in a 22 unit residential and commercial building, jointly owned, located on an orchard [redacted] under the ownership of Simindokht Azizi.
  6. A 4-story residential building located on an orchard [redacted] currently under the ownership of Simindokht Azizi.
  7. A residential building consisting of two duplexes located on an orchard [redacted] currently under the ownership of Simindokht Azizi.
  8. A 3-storey residential and commercial building located on an orchard [redacted] under the ownership of Ziaollah Azizi.

Considering the evidence provided above and other indications referred to in the case documents that demonstrate propagation of Baha’i ideology and animosity towards Islam by this evil family (including all the accused), as well as other documents, the court will hereby issue the following order.


Court Order

The court upholds the charges brought against the accused, Amir Azizi and Ziaollah Azizi and Sousan Azizi and Simindokht Azizi and Elaheh Azizi. These are for their membership in the perverse Zionist espionage Baha’i sect, and their activities on behalf of this perverse sect, the financial assistance given to the Baha’i institutions, and their flight from the country, all of these charges pronounced clear and proven to the court.  The Baha’is are all considered infidels and at war with Islam.  Based on religious rulings and the views of Ayatollah Montazeri, their property has no legal validity and should be reclaimed.. The case documents should be forwarded to the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Court for approval.


The Religious Judge of Branch 13 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court


[Signature over official stamp]

Public Prosecutor Branch 13, Tehran

27 Mordad 1367 [18 August 1988]