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Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

Record of interrogation and proceedings

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Name -----, Surname -----, branch -----, Date: Day -----13, Classified File -----


Court classification 5/1121/73

Judgment number: D-R 107/73

On 2/8/1373 [24 October 1994], in an extraordinary session, the file classified as 70/59/1547 was reviewed and [the following] verdict was issued.


Decision of the Court

Concerning the assets of Mrs. Touba Mohebati, daughter of Mohammad-Ali, in view of the contents of the file and the report from Intelligence Headquarters in Yazd, which indicates that she was a Baha’i and has died, the verdict is to seize her assets in favour of the Financial Centre of the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation of Yazd.



The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yazd

Enforcement Orders

[illegible name] Prosecutor


?/8/1373 [? November 1994]