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In the Name of God


The Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office -----

Interrogation Form and Record 

Page -----

Meeting -----

Given name -----

Surname -----

Branch -----

Date: day -----13

File number: -----


Case reference: 2035/73/D

Court order number: 1743/73/D-R

On 23 Azar 1373 [14 September 1994], Branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Yazd convened to review file number 70/59/1505. The hearing is presided by the undersigned.  Subsequent to reviewing the file records, the court concludes the hearing and issues a decision as follows:


Concerning the case of Shah-Fereidoun Lor-Mehdiabadi, file number 70 /59/1505:

In light of the file records and report number 6662/M/233, dated 17 Aban 1373 [8 November 1994], of the respected Intelligence Office of Yazd, based on case law 70/59 of this court, the court orders the expropriation of the above-named assets for the benefit of the Economic Complex of Imam Khomeini’s Relief Committee in Yazd.


Head of Branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yazd