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Number [illegible]

Date: 7 Azar 1371 [28 November 1992]

Enclosure -----


Islamic Republic of Iran


Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor


In the Name of God

The Honourable Director of Branch 28, Court of Law 1 of Tehran,

With reference to letter number H28/28/69, dated 23 Shahrivar 1361 [14 September 1982], all possessions of Mr. Amrollah Oboudiyat, son of Ebrahim, and [those of] 17 other shareholders of Ebad – Ebad International – Iran Masoul Company Ltd. and Samiang Tyre, were confiscated on 15 Dey 1361 [5 January 1983], and handed over to the respected Martyr Foundation [Bonyad-e Shahid], following order number 24761 DGAM, dated 31 Farvardin 1371 [20 April 1992] from Branch 6 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice of Tehran [and none of] their remaining possessions, whether identified presently or in the future, are to be returned to them.  (Note that the accused individuals, numbers 1 to 17 are members of the perverse Baha’i sect).

Investigation of Branch 5

Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran

[Signature over official stamp] [Illegible]

[Official stamp with number and date]

[Illegible] Court of Law 1 of Tehran

[Number:] 2324

[Date:] 14 Azar 1371 [5 December 1992]

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

It has been filed.

18 Azar1371 [9 December 1992]

588 [illegible]