[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number: 29908

Date: 29 Dey 1361 [19 January 1983]

Enclosure [illegible]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Justice

National Lands and Deeds Registry Office

Registry Office for Area 7, Fars, Ports and Islands of the Persian Gulf


In the Name of God

The law is Islam and enforcement of Quran’s teachings (Imam Khomeini)

Assistant to the Prosecutor, Branch 5, Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office, Shiraz

With reference to the letter number 61/110/74 - 28 Dey 1361 [18 January 1983]. The entire block number [redacted] located in area 3, the title of which is kept in the Book of Registers, Volume 59, page 280, and is registered to Mr. Allah-Morad Rouhizadegan Jahromi and Mrs. Olya Mosallinejad, has been confiscated [and has been recorded] in the Register of Confiscated Properties under number 14651. The matter is noted in the relevant column of the Register.  A copy of the report of the evaluator is attached herewith.


Head of the Registry, Shiraz Province