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In the Name of God

Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor

Chalous and Nowshahr


Number -----

Date -----

Enclosure -----


Mr. Abolghasem Kordian

You are charged with the offences of: being in contact with the international Zionist network and Israel by assisting them to pressurize occupied Palestine; accumulating wealth through land acquisitions and usury and casting down our poor Muslim fellow citizens. [His offences have] been publicized in the mass media and he has not attended court within the set time limit; therefore his case has been taken up in his absence and the verdict is to confiscate his possessions and those of his family members, including tangible and intangible assets. Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation is instructed to decide on the matter and notify this court of the outcome of its deliberations.

Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, Chalous and Nowshahr-Abdollah Jamali

[Signature over official stamp]

717 - 29/7/1358 [21 October 1979], recipient of the copy

1- Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation, Nowshahr County, for information and required action

2- [Illegible]

3- Shahsavar Revolutionary Gaurds-for information