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Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Prime Minister

Execution Office of Addendum 82

Budget Year 1362 [1983]


In the Name of God


Number: 1/1466/66

Date: 31 December 1984

Property Code: 080158501

Mr. Abdol-Shoghi Tebyani

Hereby, this notice is to inform you, pursuant to judgment number 1392/Ayn, dated 25 Esfand 1362 [15 March 1984] of the Supreme Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic, that the house you are occupying at the address, [redacted], has been confiscated in favour of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is required of you to present to this office, along with the necessary documents at 10:00 a.m. sharp, on 19 Dey 1363 [9 January 1985] to determine the proper course of action and to complete the investigation of this case.

Execution Office of Addendum 82, Budget Year 1362 [1983]

Land and Properties Unit

Hasani [signature]

Required documents:

1- Original lease deed

2- All the pay slips, receipts, or cheques you have paid for rent

3- The latest bills for water, electricity, telephone, gas, and taxes

4- Other documents

Address: [address]

Telephone: [contact number]