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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education, Karaj County


In the Name of God

Respectfully, this is to certify that Miss Rozita Nouri-Diznab, daughter of Mohammad, Birth Certificate Number [redacted] issued in Tehran, studied at this school from 1 Mehr 1363 [23 September 1984] until 19 Mehr 1363 [11 October 1984].  In accordance with instructions from the Karaj Department of Education, she is not permitted to study in any Islamic school because Bahaism is not an officially recognized religion.  As said student has admitted to being a Baha’i and accepts Bahaism, her file is returned to her guardian.  Furthermore, we are fully satisfied with her conduct and behavior.

The Principal, Salman Farsi Middle School

[Signature over official stamp]