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Justice Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Court: ------


Do not follow your own desires, lest you deviate[1]


Date: 136------

Number: ------

Enclosure: -----


Dated: 11 Esfand 1372 [2 March 1994], Case Number: 559/72, Judgment Number: 1071


Investigating Authority: Branch 83, Civil Court [Number:] 2 Tehran


Plaintiff: Financial Group of the Committee of Imam Khomeini, Tehran Vali-Asr Street, pass Amir-Akram Crossroad, Shahid Hashemi-Far Street, number 20


Defendant: Mrs Tahereh Foroughi, address [redacted]

Claim: Disposition order


Procedural Synopsis: The plaintiff had made the above claim against the defendant, and the matter was referred to this branch. After observing the proper legal procedure, this court came into session, presided over by the signatories to this decision.


Decision of the Court:


The plaintiff’s claim against the defendant: According to the statement this is a claim for dispossession of [ownership] occupation over an apartment unit, registered number 2434/4 situated in the District 11 of Tehran. According to letter number 157900 of 5 Mordad 1972 [27 July 1992], from the registration office in Shemiran, the mentioned apartment belongs to a Mr Ahmad Bashiri, whose entire possessions, according to the judgment number 10283 of 4 Bahman 1362 [24 January 1984] of the branch 12 of Islamic Revolutionary Court, have been released back to the Islamic Republic government, and the aforementioned decision upheld by judgment number 4/3015 of 24 Shahrivar 1362 [15 September 1983] of the Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court. With reliance on Clause D of Note 11 of the Budget Bill of 1365 [1986] the ownership of the Plaintiff in the subject property seems [accurate] established. According to the defendant’s statement number 2288 of 29 Aban 1372 [20 November 1983], registered at the registry of the Court, and while [the defendant] has accepted [their] [illegal] occupation of the mentioned property, the statement argues that the [plaintiff’s] claim has not mentioned that the plaintiff’s ownership had not been registered in the Title Deed Registration Office and thus the defendant has claimed ownership, which in light of the abovementioned Court orders and lack of any evidence, the court finds invalid.


Accordingly the Court recognises the validity of the Plaintiff’s claim and finds the [defendant’s] possession to be illegal and enforceable and with reliance on Article 308 and 311 of Civil Procedure [Act], the Court issues a Disposition order [in favour of the Plaintiff] from the entirety of the subject property against the defendant and declares that the defendant pay a sum of 3750 rials which is the Court fee of the plaintiff.  The decision was delivered before the parties and it can be appealed within 20 days from the time of its service in any of the Civil Courts of Tehran.


The Head branch 83 of the Civil Court [number] 2 Tehran, Habibi


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21 Farvardin 1373 [10 April 1994]


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[1] [Quran 4:135]