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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Ministerial Office


[handwritten note, number and date on the top of the page]


l / 7/1383 [22 September2004]

Mr. Mirza Agha Alaie, Greetings,

With reference to the letter registered under reference 13851, dated 14/5/1383 [4 August 2004], concerning reinstatement of [your] pension, you are hereby informed:


In light of the report from the Iran Telecommunication Company, the matter was reviewed by the respected Board of Appeal for the Administrative Violations, and the Board endorsed the decision of your permanent discharge as valid and in accordance with the law. However, should you declare your renouncement of the Baha'i sect, the Board is agreeable to review a new submission as to the reinstatement of your pension as per Article 11 of the Administrative Violations Act.


Seyyed Mohammad Seyyedpour-Moghaddam

Minister's Advisor

On behalf of the Director-i n-Chief of the Ministerial Office