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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Interior

Gendarmerie [Police] Force

In the Name of God


From:  Department of Retirement and Insurance of the Gendarmerie [Police] Force IR [Islamic Republic]

To:  ----

Subject: -----


Number 802/27/24

Date: 4/8/1361 [26 October 1982]

Enclosure -----


This is to certify:


Retired Major Daryoush Golshani-Najafabadi son of Lotf-ali from 2nd of Mehr [7] one thousand, three hundred and fifty two [1352] [24 September 1973] to 2nd of Mehr one thousand, three hundred and fifty eight [1358] [24 September 1979] was serving as a main officer of the regular Court 1, in the Judicial department of Gendarmerie of Islamic Republic of Iran; and been classified as a retired officer of Gendarmerie as of 2nd of Mehr 1358 [24 September 1979].  Henceforth, according to letter number 401 /66 /122 - 10/9/1359 [1 December 1980] of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic Army of Iran, in accordance with the law related to dismissal of Baha'is, he was dismissed from employment by Court order dated 29th of Shahrivar [6] 1359 [20 September 1980], and his status was corrected from retirement to dismissal from employment, and this was registered in the 318 administrative books of the Gendarmerie.


Supervisor of the Retirement and Insurance Office of Islamic Republic [Gendarmerie of Islamic Republic of Iran] Colonel Farzi

[Signature over official stamp]


Whatever we have, we owe it to Moharram, Imam Khomeini


Actioned by - Lieutenant Mirjafari

Gendarmerie print-house